Social Security



Social Security income is taxed once the tax payer makes over $25,000 ($32,000 for a married couple filing jointly) in taxable income. The tax collected is then sent to the general fund.

See the complete breakdown for individuals and married couples at the link below:

If Elected:

I will work for legislation to either:

Completely stop Federal taxing of social security, no matter the income level; or

Allocate any tax derived from social security to be deposited back into the Social Security trust fund.


This will increase the money to retirees, by reducing annual taxes.

This will help ensure social security is fully funded for the future.

2nd amendment



Individual States are passing laws that are against the Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment.

If Elected:

I will vote against legislation that advocates limiting access to arms at the state level.

I will support the current Second Amendment rights of US citizens as Federal law.


This will protect the second amendment and keep arms in the hands of law abiding citizens.

For Wisconsin:

Hunting is a way of life here and an integral part of feeding our families.

I support family values and traditions.




Jobs continue to leave this country.

If Elected:

I will vote for legislation that creates incentives to start and keep businesses in the U.S.

I will listen to my district to find ways to bring more businesses to Wisconsin.

I will support legislation and incentives that promote tourism in Northern Wisconsin.


This will create competition, higher paying jobs, and more revenue for the state and social security.

Balanced Budget



The Federal deficit is a drag on the economy. Spending is out of control.  

If Elected:

I will push for a balanced budget amendment, look for additional revenue sources, and promote programs that increase jobs and increase tax revenue.


With a decrease in interest paid on debt, we will lower taxes. New jobs bring new opportunity.

Border Security



Building the wall and send illegal aliens back to their country.

If Elected:

I will support sending illegal aliens back to their home country, but push to rewrite the immigration applications to streamline the process.

I will defend initiatives to increase funding for border security.


We can protect American jobs, protect Americans from dangerous illegal aliens and make immigrating legally to this country more attractive. If the illegals, became immigrants, they would then contribute to our government (through taxes) and Social Security.

Congressional seats lost to Democrats



The unbalance in Congress is preventing any purposeful legislation from being passed.

If Elected:

I will work with the GOP to promote candidates stepping up to challenge as republicans.

I will assist other Republican candidates to win their elections.


Gain Republican control of both sides of Congress to create a path to passing legislation.

Health Care


The problem is not health care; it is health insurance. Our health is priceless.

If Elected:

I will work to reform the health insurance industry and make all U.S. citizens one giant risk group.

I do not support universal health care, however streamlining the insurance companies away from private sector is a good direction. Eliminating administrative expenses by eliminating need to deal with private insurance will lower costs.

                  I will:

  • pursue new legislation correcting the problems with the current laws;
  • get a cap on insurance premiums;
  • propose one group evaluation to replace the current group structure used by insurance plans;
  • advocate insurance portability by individuals - not companies.

I will listen to Wisconsin to discover the needs of individuals and companies here is Wisconsin.

We cannot force healthy people to pay for others’ medical care; we cannot have long wait times for procedures, but Blue Crocs Blue Shield has an annual revenue of over $450 million.

We need to be somewhere in between.

I support incentives to those that manage their family’s good health. I stress the need for programs to teach children as well as adults about the health choices they are making everyday. Health education teaches families how to make healthy lifestyle choices, which helps prevent chronic diseases. Learning preventive care reduces the need for ER usage.

Chronic diseases, like diabetes and heart disease, make up 85% of health care costs. These diseases can often be prevented with lifestyle choices. The sickest 5% of the population consumes 50% of total health care costs. The healthiest 50% consume only 3% of the nation's health care costs.  

There needs to be financial incentives as well as sin taxes on soda and fast foods, alcohol and tobacco, using the latter to pay the former.


Lower premiums, better rates with providers and expanded coverage. 

Healthy citizens make a healthy country.


The men and women of Congress have health insurance that is unavailable to US Citizens.

If Elected:

I will push for the President to rescind the executive order that exempts Congress from health care marketplace.


Tourism in Wisconsin


Small business in Wisconsin needs tourism to survive.

If Elected:

I will support budgets to keep our roads free of potholes, to give visitors the best impression of our State and the desire to return, as an example.

I will co-sponsor bills to bring incentives

that promote tourism in Wisconsin.


Tourist enjoy their visits and plan to return, we enjoy a smooth ride. Small business succeeds.